How to Edit a Project Name and Description

In this article you will know how to edit basic project properties such as the name, description, is the time billable or not, and add a client if needed.

Step 1

On the Dashboard, navigate to the Project Management section, and select Projects. 


Click on the Actions button on the right side of the project you wish to edit and then click Edit project on the drop-down.
Edit Projects Easily with Hubstaff - Dashboard - Projects

Step 2

In the Edit project dialog, you will see several fields that you can change:

  1. Name
  2. Billable – enable this setting to include the billable time in invoices. Learn more about Billable and Non-billable time.
  3. Description
  4. Client – if you have a Client to which this project belongs, you may add them. Learn more about Clients.

Once you’ve made the required changes, click Save.

For other actions, you may perform with projects, check the overview article.

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