Freelancer profiles privacy settings

In Hubstaff Talent, you can now choose who can view your freelancer profiles. You can choose from “Everyone”, “Only Logged in users”, or “Only Me”.

Everyone – if you choose this, all users will be able to see your profile on the search results even those who doesn’t have an account in Hubstaff Talent.

Only logged in users -  only those users logged in to their accounts will be able to view your profile and will see it on the search results on Hubstaff Talent.

Only Me - this will make your profile “private” and your profile will not show up on any search results in Hubstaff Talent,


Step 1

To change this settings, click on your avatar on the top right side of the page and choose “Freelancer profile”.


Step 2

On your freelancer profile page, you’ll be able to edit the privacy setting directly via the dropdown “Profile visibility” field towards the top-left.  Alternatively, you can click the “Edit profile” button and modify that alongside other profile details.


Step 3

Once you are on the edit page, look for the “Profile Visibility” section and save the changes you just made to your agency.


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