Payroll Partial Payments

When using our automatic payroll system, pay periods that contain payments larger than $10,000.00 will be partially paid. For example; if you have an unpaid amount of $9,000.00 for day 1 and $1,000.00 for day 2, then that payment will be partially paid because it reached the payment limit of $10,000.00 per transaction. The team member will get paid $9,000.00 first, the remaining $1,000.00 will be paid on the next payment attempt, which should be the following day.

Step 1

You should see what payments were partially paid by clicking on “Payments” > “Past” on the left hand menu.


Step 2

Payment status will show as “Partial paid”.


Step 3

You can activate the “Actions” button and you can click the “View” button, you should see a detailed report for the partially paid payment and also when the remaining amount will get paid.

For frequently asked questions regarding our payroll feature, please refer here.

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