Changing the project/task when editing a time entry in the Timesheets?

Within Hubstaff, you can reassign time tracked to different projects/to-dos, or decide to move the time tracked altogether to a different time span.

The image below shows the process of the time being reassigned:

Image showing a user reassigning a timespan to another project.


Click on a topic below to see how you can adjust your team’s tracked time and activities:


Reassigning time to different projects/to-dos

If a team member tracked time for the wrong project, team members (owner, manager, user roles)  can edit time entries and assign them to the correct project as long as the Modify time setting is enabled.

Step 1

First, navigate to Timesheets > View & edit on the left sidebar.

Make sure that you are selecting the right user in the filter located in the upper right portion of the page. Then, press the Actions button right next to the time span that you want to edit and select Edit time entry.

Step 2

Select the project/task that you want to transfer the data to. If the time was tracked automatically (using the time tracking application), all the data will be allocated towards the new project. This includes screenshots, activity level, URLs visited, etc. Make sure you are providing the reason why you are editing the specified time entry when required.


Press the project/task of the time entry and you’ll get prompted with a modal that allows you to select the project/task to transfer the tracked data.

In the modal, you can select the project/task where you want to transfer the data to by using the search box or manually search for the project/task in the list. You can also provide a reason when required.


Moving Activities

You can also move/transfer activities from a project to another through the activities tab.

Step 1

Go to Activity > Screenshots page and select the activity blocks you want to move/transfer to another project. Then click on the arrow icon to choose where to move the data.

Step 2

A dialog will display the amount of time selected. Select the correct project/task and provide the manual edit reason if required. Then click Save.

If you remove time while editing that activity will be deleted. When you edit a time span to make it smaller you are removing activity and time for that time span regardless of if you assign a portion of that time span to a different project. In that case, you are just making the time span smaller and assigning that time to a different project.

If you move time to a different day all associated data is erased (notes, App + URL, screenshots, locations) as you are removing the old-time and creating a new time at the destination.

You cannot split a single time span between two projects. It’s either one or the other. If you want to keep all the time intact, then you needed to either change the project without editing the time or edit the time then add the remaining time to the other project manually.

To allow users to be able to add or edit their own time, you will want to enable the Modify Time setting on your organization

Please note that users will always have the ability to delete their own time entries. When time entries are deleted, screenshots and activity levels are deleted permanently from the server and cannot be restored. Please exercise caution when deleting activities.

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