Manual time edit reports

How do I display reports of time that has been edited?


You can view records of when you or other users have added, deleted or edited time by going to Reports -> All Reports -> Manual Time Edits. These reports will allow you to see whose time it is, who made the edit, when/why it was edited, what project/task was edited, and amount of time edited.


You will notice that there is a Me and Team tab, The Me tab is visible to everyone but the Team tab is only available to owners and managers.

You can choose variety of custom filters like date ranges, projects, to-dos, actions, members and changed by. The report will display the edit information based on what you select.

Me tab

First, click on the Manual Time Edits menu item and then click on the Me tab. This will let you view any edits of your time.

  1. Date the changes/edits were made
  2. Project and Task/To-dos assigned to the time edited
  3. Actions
    1. Add – time was added manually.
    2. Edit – time was modified.
    3. Delete – time was removed/deleted
  4. Time Span and Time Change – the exact date and time added/edited/deleted
  5. Reason
  6. Changed by – will show the name of the user who modified the time entry.

Team tab

Click on the TEAM tab if you are management to view your teams time edits.

This is an example of the Team edits page. If you hover of the i next to the time change amount it will provide further info of the change.

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