Hubstaff Pay Payroll Setup

You can now setup Hubstaff Pay to make your team payroll even easier! With Hubstaff Pay:

  • You can use the same credit card or bank account you use to pay for your Hubstaff subscription to make employee payments or add a new account.
  • No need to pre-fund your payment account.
  • Faster approval process than most payroll gateways.

Table of contents

Setting up your Hubstaff Pay Payroll account

Step 1

First, go to Settings & Policies > Integrations.

menu settingspolicies integrations

Step 2

Next, click on Add integration.

add integration button

Step 3

Scroll down to the Payment processors list, then choose Hubstaff Pay.

integrations payment processors hubstaff pay

Step 4

Click Next.

hubstaff pay integration setup next

Step 5

You will be asked to authenticate using your phone/email.

hubstaff pay authentication

Step 6

Next, you will see either see the current credit card/bank account you use to pay for your Hubstaff subscription. If you wish to use the same account, hit Save, otherwise, click Change to add a new payment method.


hubstaff pay setup save card

To add a new payment method, fill in the required information, then hit Save card.

hubstaff pay setup new card

Step 7

Select the account you wish to use to make employee payments, then click Save.

select hubstaff pay account

Step 8

Next, you can choose the team members you wish to add to the Hubstaff Pay integration. Click Finish when done.

hubstaff pay integration select users

After clicking Finish, users will receive an email with instructions on how to set-up their recipient accounts. Users will not be able to receive payments until a recipient account is set up.

Setting up your user payroll account

Users will have to set-up their own recipient payroll accounts once they are added to the Hubstaff Pay integration. To know if you’ve been added to Hubstaff Pay, you can check your email inbox for an email with the subject line “You were added to the [organization name] payroll.”

hubstaff pay invite email

To set-up your user account, follow the steps below:

Step 1

First, click on your avatar located on the top-right corner of your Hubstaff dashboard, then choose Payment accounts.

avatar menu payment accounts

Step 2

Next, look for the Hubstaff Pay integration on the integrations list and click the Connect button.

payment accounts connect

Step 3

Choose your country, then click Connect.

Hubstaff pay setup connect

Step 4

Next, enter your email address and your mobile number, then click Continue.

hubstaff pay setup email mobile continue

Step 5

You’ll be asked to enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone number.

hubstaff pay setup user verification code

Step 6

Choose your business type then click Continue.

hubstaff pay setup user business type

This setup includes steps for individual users only. If you are a business receiving funds, please make sure you have the required documents to complete the setup.

Step 7

Next, enter your details, then click Continue.

hubstaff pay setup your details

Step 8

Choose either a bank account or debit card, fill in your particulars, then hit Save.

hubstaff pay setup payee account

Step 9

Click the Update button to add your verification details.

hubstaff pay setup update

Step 10

Choose how you’d like to verify your account, then click Next.

Hubstaff pay setup verify

Step 11

Choose the file you wish to upload.

hubstaff pay setup ID verification

Step 12

After submitting your verification ID, click on Agree & submit.

hubstaff pay setup agree submit

Step 13

Then, you’ll be taken back to the Payment accounts page.

payment accounts finish verification

Make sure you have completed all the verification steps. It might take a while before your account is fully verified. Check back in a few hours to make sure that the verification has finished.
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