How do I add clients to Hubstaff?

Adding a client allows you to bill your customers for hours worked within your Hubstaff organization. The clients you create here will be connected directly with the invoicing feature. Please click here to read how to invoice clients.

This feature is available on Team plans and up.

Table of Contents

  1. Adding clients
  2. Searching clients
  3. Editing clients
  4. Archiving clients

Adding clients

Step 1

Click on the Project management then Clients tab on the left sidebar and then select Add client.

Step 2

You can add the information of the client on the following tabs.

A. GENERAL tab houses the client’s Name and the Address.

add new clients

B. CONTACT INFO tab houses the client’s Phone number and Email address/ addresses.

add clients contact info

C. PROJECT tab houses the client’s associated projects.

add clients project

D. BUDGET tab is an optional field you can associate a budget for the client. You also have the option to add non-billable time by enabling that setting.

E. INVOICING tab you can add the notes shown on invoices, and your Net Terms (toggle the switch on Net Terms if you have these details defined on the organization settings and then hit Save.

OPTIONAL: To set up recurring invoices, click Custom under the Auto invoicing section to enable recurring invoices, then fill in the following information:

auto invoicing dialog box

  1. Amount based on – bill clients based on the hourly bill rates, or a fixed price every automatic interval.
  2. Frequency – select the intervals the invoice will be sent. Invoices can be sent monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly.
  3. Delay sending – add a specific delay to your automatic invoices.
  4. Send reminder to pay after due – this sends an email reminder to clients when an invoice has not been settled after a specific number of days.
  5. Line items – define the line item format.
  6. Include non-billable time – this includes all non-billable times logged to projects associated with a client.


To look for clients, type your keyword on the client search bar located on top of the page.

client search bar

Editing Clients

Step 1

Navigate to Project management then Clients on the sidebar menu.

Step 2

Next to the client name, click on Actions > Edit client to modify your client settings.


Archiving clients

Step 1

Navigate to Project management then Clients on the sidebar menu.

Step 2

Next to the Client name, click on Actions > Archive client to remove the client from the current client list. Note that when a client is archived, their information is not deleted or removed and you can restore the client any time.

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