Automated Updates

Unattended Installations on Linux and Windows

On most administrator-managed enterprise systems, users are unable to install the Hubstaff application as they won’t have enough permissions to do so.

Standard admin installation

System administrators can perform unattended/silent installations by following this guide:

Automatic updates/installations are not allowed on OSX.


<installer path> /S


C:downloadsHubstaff-1.5.2-f3657dd.exe /S



<installer path> -- --silent


usr/local/downloads/ -- --silent


Enterprise deployment

Only available on Enterprise plan.

For users under the Enterprise plan, your organization can download and deploy MSI packages compatible with MDM (Multi-Device Management) systems with the option to disable the automatic update function so your team can manage updates accordingly. Redistributable packages are available here.

enterprise download page


For Linux: if a non-standard install path is used then the installer needs to be given that new location via –destination=<install path>.

This will upgrade the existing install, or install it for the first time in the default location (For example:

C:\Program Files\Hubstaff

on Windows).

These steps can be used for mass installation for Windows and Linux Machines.

Hubstaff must be shutdown prior to running the installer since the installer cannot shutdown Hubstaff automatically.

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