How do I add simple To-dos in Hubstaff without an integration?

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Simple To-dos on the Web

Simple To-dos on the Hubstaff Application

Adding a To-do through the web

Our built-in simple To-dos feature which will allow you to create, edit or delete a To-do from the To-dos page and from the desktop app without having to integrate with one of our third-party project management tools.

Simple To-dos are only available for projects that are not integrated with a 3rd party integration.

(Note: Once a project is linked with an integration, the simple to-dos become automatically archived. They are still available on reports if any time was tracked on them but they will no longer show up in the Hubstaff application. If a project is unlinked from an integration, then the simple to-dos are restored automatically and are once again available for use.)


To add a To-do Task through the website, the steps are as follows:

Step 1 & 2

Click on To-dos on your sidebar and click on ‘Get Started’.


Step 3 & 4

Select the Project for which you want to add the To-do, and then click ‘Add a To-do’.

(Click ‘Add a To-do’ either of the buttons at the center or at the top right corner)



Here, fill out the information on your To-do and click Save.

Editing a To-do through the web

Step 1

On the actions drop-down menu, select Edit.

Step 2

Edit the information for your To-do and click Save.

Deleting a To-do from the web

On the actions drop-down menu, select Delete.

Adding a To-do through the desktop app

Open your application and select your project. It will highlight blue.
Enter the title of the To-do you are currently working on in the “What are you working on?” box.

Step 1

Press the enter key or click the Add Task icon once you are done entering the information.

After you have done this, the to-do task will be ready to go in your application and on the web where you can track, edit, or delete it.

To-dos view on the desktop app

To-dos view on the web

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