How do I add simple tasks in Hubstaff without an integration?

In the past we’ve only offered tasks via third party integrations. That said, we’re very excited about our new built-in simple tasks feature which will allow you to create, edit or delete task from the Tasks page and from the desktop app without having to integrate with one of our third-party project management tools.

Simple tasks are only available for projects that are not integrated with a 3rd party integration.

Once a project is linked with an integration the simple tasks become automatically archived. They are still available on reports if any time was tracked on them but they will no longer show up in the Hubstaff application. If a project is unlinked from an integration, then the simple tasks are restored automatically and are once again available for use.

Table of Contents

Simple Tasks on the Web

Simple Tasks on the Hubstaff Application

Adding a task through the web

Step 1 & 2

Click on Tasks on your sidebar and click on Add Task.

Step 3

Fill out the information on your task and click Save.

Editing a task through the web

Step 1

On the actions drop down menu select Edit.

Step 2

Edit the information for your task and click Save.

Deleting a Task from the web

On the actions drop down menu select Delete.

Adding a task through the desktop app

Open your application and select your project. It will highlight blue.
Enter the title of the task you are currently working on in the “What are you working on?” box.

Step 1

Press the enter key or click the Add Task icon once you are done entering the information.

After you have done this, the task will be ready to go in your application and on the web where you can track edit or delete it.

Tasks view on the desktop app

Tasks view on the web

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