Understanding the Management Dashboard

Measure Your Team at a Glance

As a remote team manager, you want to know your team is being active, productive and hitting their goals. Unlike being in a physical office, you can’t look up and see who is doing what. However, with Hubstaff, you can get a clear picture of how your team spends their work time and what tasks get the most attention.

Think of the Hubstaff management dashboard as a bird’s eye view of your virtual office. The dashboard gives you a chance to monitor your team’s performance, compare against your metrics and get ahead of any potential issues.

The management dashboard is where you should go to find out things such as:

How active is your team?

Who is active and working now?

What are they working on?

Who is late or has missed a shift?

The Hubstaff management dashboard gives you insights that you just can’t otherwise get, even in person. Because Hubstaff is embedded in your team’s workflow, we can help you answer questions and even highlight problem areas such as:

Is someone showing behavior that is low performance?

The answer to all these questions are pre-made and available in your dashboard. It’s a great place to gain clarity on your business operations. From here, you can drill down into the individual reports you need to solve any issues.

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