Daily Totals Report

The Daily totals report section lets you see how much your team have earned over a specific work week as well as how much your clients will be invoiced for their work, directly within the reports section.

Step 1

Navigate to Reports, then under the General section, click Daily totals. You can also “star” the report so it appears under the Reports menu on the sidebar.

reports daily totals


Step 2

On the top left corner, you can choose whether to generate a report for yourself or your team by choosing either “Me” or “All.”

me all

Step 3

Select any date from the calendar and the week will be automatically populated.
Report date selector

Step 4

Click on the Filters button to apply these filters on your report:

  1. Projects/work orders
  2. Teams/members

You can also click on “Save Filter” to save this search so that you can generate a report with the same filters in the future.

daily totals filters


After applying the filters, your report will be generated automatically.

daily totals report sampler


Exporting Reports

Reports can be exported as CSV or PDF files, and to your Quickbooks Desktop integration by clicking the Export button.

Export report

If you’re looking to integrate your project management account with Hubstaff, click here to view the complete list of supported integrations, including the step-by-step guides for each.


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