How to change organization and project roles

Hubstaff has different member’s roles to give you flexibility in running your business. Changing your team member’s roles per project and organization allows you to choose what access level they have on each of your organizations or projects.
Organization owners and managers only need to be a member of a project if they want to track time to said project, they have access to all projects and users by default. To configure users to different roles, please follow these instructions:

Changing Project Roles from the Members Page

Step 1

You can change the organization and project role by navigating to your Members page. Make sure you have selected the correct organization in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2

If you have many employees in your company you may easily find the needed member of your team by using the Search members field or applying filters for Role and Time Tracking.
Below you will see the Role column. Selecting a role from the Role drop-down allows you to change the user’s role at the organization level.
Now to change the role on the project level, click to edit on the Projects column.

  1. Organization roles apply to all projects in the organization.
  2. Project roles are what you want to edit if you want different permissions on different projects. Click to change a member’s project role.

Flexible members' roles in Hubstaff - Dashboard members edit roles and project roles

Changing Project Roles from the Projects Page

Step 1

Project roles can also be changed from the Projects page. Simply click on Projects on the left menu, then click the project that you want to edit the user roles for.
Add Members to your Projects with Hubstaff - Dashboard projects active edit members

Step 2

After clicking on a project name, the project page will open, and you can modify individual user roles by selecting their project role from the Role dropdown, or click on Edit members.
Convenient Roles Management in Hubstaff - Dashboard projects manage project roles

Step 3

Next, you will see a dialogue where you will be able to assign/re-assign members to the project and change their roles. You are allowed to type the member’s name in the text boxes, select/deselect all, click the “x” next to a member to remove project membership, and even drag & drop the members across the different roles. Here’s how the Edit project memberships dialogue looks like.
Here you can set different roles on the project (managers, users, and viewers), and even the whole teams.
Hubstaff Project Editing - Dashboard projects edit project
For more information about user permissions, please click here.

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