How to install Hubstaff on my Android device

The Hubstaff time tracking app is currently available for Android devices.

Step 1

You can start by downloading the here. You can also download it on your phone by opening the Google Play Store app.

Step 2

You can find it by searching “Hubstaff” in the search bar. Click on the Hubstaff app that shows in the search results.

Step 3

Click the “Install” button on the Hubstaff Android app page.

Step 4

Click the installed Hubstaff app icon on your phone to launch it.

Step 5

Enter your Hubstaff account credentials to log into the Hubstaff app.

Step 6

After you’ve signed in, all you have to do is select a project you want to work on and click the “Play” button to start tracking time.

The amount of projects you see will depend on how many projects your manager has added you to. The applications only sync with our servers once every ten minutes, so if no projects appear, you may have to wait up to that long for it to synchronize.

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