How to Pay Team Invoices Using a Payment Gateway

You can pay for team invoices in Hubstaff using your payment gateway. Follow this guide to learn how to make team payments via team invoices.

This feature is available on Premium/Pro plans and up.
If you haven’t connected a payment gateway yet, click here to learn how to set it up.
Both a payer and payee account needs to be set-up to enable team invoice payments.

Step 1

Navigate to Financials > Invoices.

menu financials invoices

Step 2

Click on the TEAM tab.

client team tab

Step 3

Next to the invoice you wish to pay, click Actions > Send payment.

pay team invoice

You can also click on the Invoice name to open team invoices.

invoice name

Step 4

Choose the payment gateway, then click Pay.

pay team invoices

Alternatively, you can also click on the Pay invoice button to pay team invoices, then click on Send payment on an open invoice to make payments.

pay team invoices

You’ll receive a notification that the payment was successful on the top-right corner of the dashboard.

payment sent successfully

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