Hubstaff Invoice/Receipt

Hubstaff Invoice


How do you download a Hubstaff invoice and how do you get access to your past payment information?


To see previous invoices, click on Organizations on the left sidebar, click on the Actions dropdown next to your organization. Then click on Manage billing.


You’ll be taken to your Billing page, where you can have quick access to your billing history.


You can also access your billing history by clicking on your avatar photo on the bottom-left corner, then on Plans & Billing > Manage billing. 


On the next page, you will be able to view your payment history. You can also email or download your receipts if needed.

You have the ability to enter additional information like VAT, taxes, company info, etc. on receipts. Once you add the required information, you may download the receipts in PDF format with the added information. Examples below:

Extra billing info (Receipts)

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