Deel Payroll Setup

Hubstaff now offers Deel as a payment integration option, providing a one-stop payroll solution for remote teams.

Integrations are only available on Grow plans and up.
Only users in Deel with time-based contracts can be paid using this integration.

Table of contents

Setting up your Deel payroll

Step 1

Navigate to Settings & policies > Integrations

settings and policies integrations menu

Step 2

Click on Add integration.

add integration button

Step 3

Navigate to Payroll providers, then click on Deel.

deel payroll provider selection

Step 4

Click Next on the initial setup page. Please make sure you have an active Deel account created before proceeding.

deel setup integration

Step 5

You will be taken to Deel and asked permission to access your Deel data. Click Allow to continue.

deel allow button


Step 6

Choose which team members to include in your integration, then click Finish to complete the setup.

deel choose members finish button

Step 7

Once you’ve completed the setup, you’ll see a list of team members in your Deel integration.

deel integration members

Paying your team

To get time to sync to Deel from Hubstaff:

Step 1

Navigate to Timesheet > Approvals.

Timesheets Approvals

Step 2

Approve the team member’s timesheet.
timesheet actions approve

Step 3

Once the timesheet is approved for a linked member in Hubstaff, you will see a payment scheduled for that timesheet under the invoice details section of the contractor in Deel.

deel invoice details

Hours only sync to Deel once a timesheet is approved.
Team members need to have a signed contract/begun onboarding in order to appear under the integration.
Only hours are synced to Deel, if there is a pay rate conflict, the rate on Deel will be followed.
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