“No Projects” message on my Hubstaff client/app

No Projects Message

If you were recently added to a project (or were added to a project) but it isn’t showing up on the Hubstaff client, it may be due to any of the following reasons:

you belong to 0 projects

    1. Hubstaff’s servers sync every 10 minutes. If the project was added 5 minutes ago, you’ll have to wait for an extra 5 for it to display on the project list.  A quick solution to this would be signing out and signing in from Hubstaff’s client/app, then you will be forcing our servers to look for recently added projects.
    2. Another possible scenario is that you were removed from the project or the organization, you may log into your dashboard and check the Project Management -> Projects page. If you are unable to access this menu, or the page is blank, you have not yet been assigned to a project.

      no projects

    1. Your account is disabled for tracking. Please reach out to your organization owner or manager to add projects and enable tracking for you, following the guide here: Enable tracking for Team Members.
    2. You may also be using the wrong credentials to log into your desktop app. To check on this, you may click on the expand button >> at the bottom right of the app, select the menu option, and check your sign-in details. If the wrong one is used, select Sign Out and log in with the correct account.

      wrong email- user name used



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