Who Has Access to Screenshots at Hubstaff and Where are they Stored?

Who Has Access to Screenshots?


Who has access to my screenshots?


Hubstaff has chosen to store all screenshots on Amazon’s S3 servers because of its industry standard security levels, uptime of data, and speed. Additionally, your screenshots are obfuscated on Amazon’s servers.

You can read more about Amazon’s security measures here: http://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/#How_secure_is_my_data 

High level employees and developers of Hubstaff will, from time to time, have access to your organization’s screenshots and activity data in order to ensure that the Hubstaff software is working correctly.  This is only for testing purposes.

Employees at Amazon will also have access to your screenshots.

Hubstaff’s Terms of Service: Click here
Hubstaff’s Privacy Policy: Click here
Hubstaff’s Security Policy: Click here

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