Wrike Time Tracking Setup

Wrike Time Tracking Integration Setup

 First you must connect your account in order to see tasks that are assigned to you. Also, connecting an integration allows for time to be sent back to the third-party software.

Step 1

To get started, make sure you have the correct organization selected on the upper right hand corner of the page, then click on Integrations on the sidebar menu.  Next, select the Wrike logo from the list of available integrations.

Step 2

In the next step, you will be asked to give a name to your Wrike integration. You can call it anything you want (whatever makes it easy for you to refer back to the integration later). After entering a name, click the Create Integration button.

Step 4

This is where you will be asked to authorize Hubstaff to access your Wrike account. If you are not logged into your Wrike account, please log in and authorize the integration.

Step 5

You will then be asked to select the Wrike team you wish to connect to Hubstaff then hit Save:


Step 6

After authorizing Hubstaff, you will be taken back to the final step of the integration. Here, you can link your Wrike projects with Hubstaff projects and your Wrike users with Hubstaff users. See how to link your Hubstaff projects and users and finish the integration setup.

After linking your projects and users, the integration will sync, and your users will start seeing their assigned Wrike tasks in their Hubstaff app.

You can click a task to select it and view the task description. You can click the Play button to begin tracking time to the task. When a task is completed, it can be marked as completed from Hubstaff. Marking the task as complete will post any time tracked to the task to the actual task on Wrike.

Tasks might not sync right away. It can take approximately 5 minutes after linking your team. Also, please keep in mind that each time you add a new project or user to your project management tool, the integration needs be refreshed in Hubstaff for those changes to take effect, then link those accordingly.Currently, when you add a new project in the project management third-party provider, you need to access the integrations page in Hubstaff > refresh the projects list > link the new project > assign team members to the Hubstaff project that’s linked to the newly added project.

Wrike does not support seconds to be written back, only hours and minutes. This can cause differences in the times you see when comparing Hubstaff reports to the time in Wrike.

Tasks can be completed outside of Hubstaff in the project management tool to have the time synced as well.

When exporting time tracked in Hubstaff back to Wrike, make sure the role of the assignee in Wrike whose time is being exported supports time tracking

Tasks synchronized with an integration will remain in Hubstaff as a simple task if the integration is deleted.

Subtasks are not supported with this integration.

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