Sync Team Schedules to Calendar

Hubstaff lets you sync your team schedules to your calendar. Follow this guide to learn how to connect your team schedule:

This feature is available on Premium/Pro plans and up.

Table of contents

Copying your iCal feed URL

Step 1

To sync your team schedules to your calendar, first, navigate to Calendar > Schedules.

Calendar schedules menu

Step 2

Next, click on Actions > Add schedule to my calendar.

schedules actions add to my calendar

Step 3

A dialog will appear. Click the Copy button to copy the calendar URL.

Sync Team Schedules to Calendar
Follow the succeeding steps to sync your team calendar on iCal on OSX and iOS.

Syncing your team calendar on iCal for OSX

Step 1

On your iCal app, click on File > New Calendar Subscription or press Option (⌥) + Command (⌘) + S.

Sync Team Schedules

Step 2

Next, enter the URL you copied from the previous section, then hit Subscribe.enter calendar URL

Step 3

Click OK to continue, or choose to change the following before continuing:

  1. Feed name
  2. Feed URL
  3. Location
  4. Remove Alerts/Attachments
  5. Auto-refresh frequency

schedule subscription dialog

Step 4

Once the import is successful, you should now see the synced team schedules on your calendar including back-dated entries.

iCal sample sync team schedules calendar import

Syncing your team calendar on iCal for iOS

Step 1

Open the iCal app on iOS.

ical icon

Step 2

Tap the Calendars button.

ios iCal calendars


Step 3

Next, click the Add calendar button.

ios Sync Team Schedules

Step 4

Choose the Add subscription calendar option.

ios add subscription calendar

Step 5

Enter the URL you copied from the dashboard calendar, then hit Subscribe.

ios add subscription calendar button

Step 6

Tap the Add button to finish the setup.

ios add button Sync Team Schedules

Step 7

Your team schedules should now appear on iCal including back-dated entries.

iOS synced schedule calendar success

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