Can I recover the screenshots and activity data of a deleted user?


Can I recover the screenshots and activity data of a deleted user?


When an organization removes or deletes a user, screenshots and activity data become hidden and eventually permanently deleted based on our data retention policy.

Only user-related data (activity/screenshots) becomes hidden and then eventually deleted. This will not affect past payments and reports related to the user.

The only way to recover screenshots or display this hidden data is by adding the user back to the organization. To accomplish this, the organization will have to send a new invite email to the user. The data is accessible once the user activates their account by clicking on the Hubstaff link.

The User has to activate their account on the same email address as the previously deleted one.
We retain data on our servers in accordance with our Data Retention Policy. The data is permanently deleted after the retention period ends and cannot be recovered.

How to add back a user to the Organization?

Step 1

Go to the sidebar and click People > Members.

Click the Invite member button on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Members and Invite Adding members to Projects 2


Step 2

The Invite member dialog box will appear.

Enter the user’s EMAIL, ROLE within the organization, and the PROJECTS they’re assigned to and then click Send.

Invite details

Once the member accepts the invitation and registers, the system adds them back to the organization. They can then see their activity and screenshot data.


If you want to validate the email address of the removed user, you can use the FILTER > STATUS > Removed option on the Members page.

Hover the mouse cursor on the Member’s name and the email details will be shown.


Filter removed

Email details


Deleted screenshots can no longer be retrieved from the server.
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