How to change the desktop client’s view mode

The desktop client application has three view modes: Compact, Projects, and Tasks.

Compact view

Compact mode makes the client as small an unobtrusive as possible to allow users to keep the tracker on the screen without it being distracting or getting in the way of anything. Compact mode also allows the user to enable the “Keep on top” option in the preferences, which can be found by right-clicking the Hubstaff icon in the system tray, or clicking this icon while in tasks mode.

Compact mode does not display projects and will only allow you to track time to the last project you selected until you go into projects mode and select another one.

Press the icon in the lower corner to expand the app



Projects view

Projects mode, in addition to showing the information from compact mode, lists all of the projects that the user can track time to, as well as displaying how much time the user has tracked to each project that day.  In the projects view mode, the user can also start and stop tracking time by mousing over a project and clicking the “Play” button rather than using the “Start” button at the top of the application.

Press the icon in the lower right corner to reveal the tasks pane


Tasks view

Tasks mode, in addition to showing the information from projects mode, lists all of the tasks within a project that a user can track time to.  If tasks mode is active and you toggle back to compact mode, toggling compact mode again will bring you back to tasks mode rather than projects mode. When a task is complete, you can also mark it as complete in tasks mode by selecting the task and clicking the “Close” button, although the wording on the button may be different depending on which task integration you’re using.



Certain integrations support closing or completing tasks (language will vary based on the integration)




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