Does Hubstaff Offer Support For Multiple Monitor Setups?

Multi-Monitor Support


If a user has dual monitors or extended displays, will Hubstaff capture screenshots of all the screens? Or only the active ones?


Hubstaff will capture all active displays connected to a computer when the user is tracking time. You can see all the screenshots by clicking on the thumbnail on the activity page. You will also see multiple image icons underneath the thumbnail to indicate that all the screens were captured.

NOTE: You may see repeated screenshots based on the amount of monitors/displays the user has. Also the screenshot frequency will have an effect on this. For example; a screenshot frequency of 3X with a dual monitor setup will produce 6 screenshots. Hubstaff will capture an image from each monitor 3 times every 10 minutes.

The total amount of icons will vary depending on how many screenshots the organization (or individual) is configured to take per 10 minute block of time. Example, if you have a user set to have 3 screenshots taken per ten minute block of time and they are using 2 monitors, there should be six image icons under each thumbnail for every 10 minute block of time they work on the same project (the number can vary if they change projects or don’t work for the full 10 minute block of time).

Hubstaff has no control of the monitor it chooses to display on the activity page. It will always grab a screenshot of all the monitors that are connected to the computer, regardless of the order.
When you start Hubstaff without the external display connected, and then connect it, this could result in only one display being captured. In this cases you’ll need to restart the Hubstaff application.

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