Change Hubstaff Thumbnail Image to Different Display

Change Hubstaff Thumbnail Image


I have two screens set up, and I do my work on the extended display. This makes each thumbnail image look like there is no activity, so you have to click on the image to view my actual work being done. How can I change it so that the thumbnail image shown is from my active screen?


To change what display is used for the thumbnail image, please follow these steps:

Under your control panel display settings, select Show Desktop Only on 2 (or whichever monitor you are using for your main work)

multi display windows


For information on how to configure your displays on OS X, please see here.

For information on configuring displays on Linux, please see here.

After disabling the inactive screen, you will notice that only that screen is now captured on your Hubstaff activity page. Then, you can reactivate the other screens in your control panel display settings. You will notice that the monitor you left active in step one is now shown in the thumbnail.

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