Hubstaff Data Collection Consent

Data Collection Consent for Desktop Applications

With Hubstaff’s data collection consent feature, you are always in control of what information our desktop time tracking apps collect.  Once you’ve provided your consent – you’ll be able to record time.

data collection consent

The data collection pop-up appears when you start the application. It also lets you know what type of data your organization records while time tracking. Choosing the Deny option will disable the play button on the app. On the other hand, choosing Allow will let you start tracking time.

The pop-up contains a list of enabled activity recording features. This includes the following:

  1. Screenshots
  2. Mouse and keyboard activity
  3. Apps used
  4. URLs visited

To learn more about what the app can track on your machine, click here. Please contact the organization owner in case you wish for a feature to be disabled.

Enable or disable data collection features on the desktop app

To enable and disable activity tracking features on the desktop app, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, navigate to the options menu on the desktop app, then select Preferences.

hubstaff desktop menu preferences

Step 2

Click on the Data Collection tab then choose which data types allowed.

app preferences data collection

To learn more about Hubstaff’s Privacy Policy, click here.

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