How Do I Know If Screenshots Are Being Taken in Hubstaff?

You can enable your system’s notification settings to know if screenshots are being taken. Hubstaff will record screenshots as long as you are tracking time to a project or task.

The number of screenshots taken depends on the organization settings (the app is able to record 1-3 screenshots every 10-minutes, or you can turn off screenshots if you prefer).

Access your screenshots by clicking on the Activity tab on your sidebar then click Screenshots.


When the screenshot notification setting is enabled on the desktop application, a pop-up will show every time it captures your screen, depending on your app’s preferences setting.

Below are images of what the screenshots notification looks like in different operating systems:



screenshots are being taken windows

Turn on notifications for the Hubstaff application within the Windows notification settings.



screenshots are being taken osx

Enable notifications on the System Preferences > Notifications page to know that screenshots are being taken.



screenshots are being taken linux

Enable notifications for Hubstaff on the Settings > Notifications page to ensure that screenshot notifications appear.

To enable screenshot notifications, please check this support article: How to turn screenshot notifications ON.

The Hubstaff desktop application 1.5.15 build for Windows, Mac, and Linux has the screenshot notification setting turned on by default.

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