Enterprise Software Deployment

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Hubstaff makes it easy for you and your security team to manage, and monitor software deployment within your enterprise.

This feature is only available on Enterprise plans.

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What is enterprise deployment?

Enterprise deployment allows large-scale businesses to manage software deployment in their organization. This provides security/IT teams flexibility to be able to configure software permissions, installations, uninstallations, and updates easily within the company’s MDM or multi-device management ecosystem. For software to be compatible for enterprise deployment, Hubstaff provides a redistributable version of our app.

Enterprise deployment features

In the redistributable version, system administrators can:

  1. Use an installer that is compatible with popular MDM software.
  2. Prevent auto-updates from occurring.
  3. Prevent users from invoking an update manually.
  4. Provide a secure, authenticated method for providing new updates to enterprise IT staff.

Downloading the redistributable version of the Hubstaff application

To download our redistributable application versions:

Step 1

Log-in to your Hubstaff account. Only authenticated/logged-in users on the Enterprise plan will be able to access the enterprise download page.
hubstaff login signin

Step 2

Navigate to https://app.hubstaff.com/download/enterprise.

enterprise download page

This feature is only available on Enterprise plans. If you are not an Enterprise member, you can download apps on our regular download page. In case you wish to upgrade, navigate to Settings > Billing > Change plan, then choose the Enterprise plan.
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