Check for Updates from the Hubstaff Desktop Client

Check for Updates and Download the Most Recent Version

The Hubstaff “Check for Updates” option on the app will allow you to automatically search for updates and install the most recent build. To do this, click on the options menu on the app and then select, “Check for Updates…” on the menu. You can also right click the Hubstaff app in the system tray to bring up the options.

Check for Updates – Mac:check for updates - mac

Check for Updates – Windows:

Check for Updates – Linux:

After clicking, “Check for Updates”, the app will search for updates and let you know if there are any available. If there are, you can click install and the app will be downloaded and installed for you.

If you get an error message or want to install the new update manually, you can always select the “About Hubstaff” option to see which version you are currently on. Then, you can download the most recent version at or if your team is currently on beta.

If you are not sure whether or not you are currently on beta (and would like to be on beta), log into your account, then click on your avatar in the bottom left corner, then click on “Settings”. On the next page, you will see if you have the beta testing option enabled on your account.

To enable the beta, set the “Beta tester” setting to “Yes.”

If you want to just check for updates to see new projects that you have added that are not appearing in your Hubstaff app yet, please try refreshing the app by clicking on the refresh button in the bottom left corner of the app:

refresh desktop app

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