How to show/hide features on the Hubstaff dashboard

Using Hubstaff’s Show/Hide feature, you can create a fully customized dashboard to meet your individual requirements.

This feature allows you to declutter your dashboard and provide a cleaner interface so that you can see only those features you need.

Here are the steps to use the Show/Hide feature:

Step 1

Navigate to the left dashboard on your web app. Click on Settings & Policies.


Settings and Policies Features Hide Show


Step 2

Under Features, select the Show/Hide features option.

Show Hide Features 1


Step 3

After selecting the Show/Hide features tab, you will see a list of customizable options.

Show Hide Features Show Hide


Step 4

Use the Hide button to hide the features you don’t want to see on the dashboard.

Show Hide Features Hide


Step 5

Use the Show button to show the features you want to see on the dashboard.

Show Hide Features Show

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