How do I get a detailed report of my team’s work hours?


How do you view only the total hours a team has worked within a certain time frame?


To view your team’s total work hours for a specific date range, you can generate either of these reports:

Time and Activity Report

First, navigate to Reports > Time and Activity.

From there, you can select a custom date, filter by organization, projects, member, to-dos, and get grand totals. You can also choose to sum date ranges, add notes, include tasks, etc. Please see the examples below:

Custom date range:

Custom filters and table columns:

By clicking on the Filters button, you can choose which clients, projects, members and to-dos to view data for. To view totals, place a checkmark on “Sum date ranges.”

You can also customize which columns to include on your report by clicking the gear icon on top of the report:

columns ta 1

Group by: 
group filter

You may also turn on daily/weekly work summary emails in your account settings. That will send out a daily/weekly email with your team’s hours.

user settings work summaries

You may also want to send, schedule, or export the report data. To do this click on the links below:

Sending Reports

Reports can be sent to one or more email recipients by clicking on the Send button.

Add the email recipients on the field, separating each email address with a comma, then customize the message (optional) then either send a test message by clicking the Send preview button or clicking on Send to send the report.

send ta

pdfcsv filter

We now have the option to choose between PDF or CSV attachments.

Scheduling Reports

You can also schedule reports to be sent automatically by clicking on the “Schedule” icon. After clicking the icon, a dialog box will appear where you can:

  1. Enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients.
  2. Customize the message on the e-mail.
  3. Choose the file type (CSV/PDF).
  4. Enter the name of the report.
  5. Choose the Date Range included in the report from:
    1. Today
    2. Yesterday
    3. Last 7 days
    4. This week
    5. Last week
    6. The last 2 weeks
    7. This month
    8. Last month
  6. Delivery Frequency – how often the report is sent. Choose from:
    1. Daily
    2. Weekly
    3. Monthly (when the monthly option is selected you are provided 3 additional options: 1st of the month, 15th of the month, Last day of the month)
  7. Delivery time – the exact time when the report is sent.
  8. Send Preview
  9. Save – stores your scheduled report, which you can view via the Scheduled Reports section.


sched ta report

Exporting Reports

Reports can be exported as a PDF or CSV file by clicking the Export button.

Reports can be exported as a PDF or CSV, allowing you to keep local records of the work hours. You could also send reports through email if you wish.
You can change the work summary email settings at any time regardless of your role in the organization or your plan type.
Organization owners and managers will receive two separate emails. One will be their own work summary email and the other one will be the organization’s work summary email. Turning off the work summary email setting will disable both reports from being sent.

Work Sessions Report

To generate a work session report:

Step 1

Navigate to Reports > All Reports.

reports all reports

Step 2

Under the General menu, click Work sessions.

work sessions option

Step 3

The work sessions report will appear.

work session report

  1. Me/All tabs – the “Me” tab shows the data you tracked as a user, and the “All” tab will display all data you have access to within your organization. If you are a project manager, you’ll be able to view data for all the projects where you are a member. If you are the organization owner, you’ll be able to view all data within the organization.
  2. Calendar – lets you select the date range for the data you wish to report.
  3. Filters – clicking on the Filter button will let you choose which filters you’d like to apply. For this report, you can filter the data by teams/members, projects/work orders, clients, to-dos/jobs, activity level, time type, and source.
    work sessions filters
  4. Saved Filters – lets you save the filters currently applied to the report for future use.
  5. Time – shows the total time tracked based on the date range selected.
  6. Break Time – shows how much break time was tracked within the selected period.
  7. Average Activity – shows the total time tracked based on the date range selected.
  8. Graphs – shows you a daily trend graph based on the data range selected.
  9. Group by Filter – presents the data grouped based on the selected filter.
  10. Collapse – collapses the report.
  11. Send – lets you send the generated report to an email recipient. You can send the reports to multiple recipients by separating email addresses with commas.
    send wo
  12. Schedule – allows you to schedule a report to be sent. You can choose to send the report in CSV or PDF formats, and choose the date range, frequency, and delivery time of the report.
  13. Export – lets you export the generated report in CSV or PDF format.
  14. Report columns – allows you to add/remove columns to the report.
    column wo
  15. Client – displays the client assigned to the project.
  16. Project – displays the project where the time was tracked.
  17. Members – displays the names of the member/s who tracked time.
  18. To-do/ Job – displays the tasks/to-dos where the time was tracked.
  19. Manual – shows the total manual time tracked within each session.
  20. Started – shows the time the timer was started.
  21. Stop – shows the time the timer is stopped.
  22. Duration – displays the total duration per session.
  23. Activity – shows total activity levels recorded within each session.
  24. Notes – displays user notes.
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