How do I get a detailed report of my team’s work hours?


How do you view only the total hours a team has worked within a certain time frame?


To view your teams work hours total for a specific date range please go to Reports -> Time and Activities. From there you can select a custom date, filter by organization, projects, member, to-dos, and get grand totals. You can also choose to sum date ranges, add notes, include tasks, etc. Please see the examples below:

Custom date range:

Custom filters and table columns:

By clicking on the Filters button, you can choose which clients, projects, members and to-dos to view data for. To view totals, place a check mark on “Sum date ranges.”

You can also customize which columns to include on your report by clicking the gear icon on top of the report:
Group by: 

You may also turn on daily/weekly work summary emails in your account settings. That will send out a daily/weekly email with your team’s hours.

Reports can be exported as a PDF or CSV, allowing you to keep local records of the work hours. You could also send reports through email if you wish.
You can change the work summary email settings at any time regardless of your role in the organization or your plan type.
Organization owners and managers will receive two separate emails. One will be their own work summary email and the other one will be the organization’s work summary email. Turning off the work summary email setting will disable both reports from being sent.

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