Can You Track Time Offline?

Track Time Offline with Hubstaff


Can you track time offline with Hubstaff?


As long as you are logged into the desktop app, you are able to track time without an internet connection. Hubstaff will continue to store data on your computer. Once you are connected to the Internet again, all data should begin to upload to our servers.


All data is stored locally on your machine indefinitely until it is uploaded to the server.

Offline mode should allow you to start Hubstaff even if your network is offline (provided you have either logged in, or Hubstaff has logged on automatically in the past 5 days).

We require the user to have internet connectivity when they do an interactive login (one where they need to provide the password). Once a user is logged in, subsequent restarts of the application will attempt an auto-login using cached  (or saved) authentication tokens. This process does NOT require the user to be online, just that they go online every 5 days so the tokens can be renewed. If the user explicitly logs out, this clears the tokens and they will be required to do an interactive login before they can resume using the application.

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