Time Tracking on Sidecar (OSX)

sidecar time tracking

Hubstaff has limited time tracking support for sidecar-based extended displays on OSX.

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What is Sidecar

Hubstaff’s application for OSX supports activity recording via sidecar. Sidecar is a feature that allows users to connect one or more iPads as an extended displays connected through a Mac.

Time Tracking on Sidecar

What types of activity can Hubstaff record on sidecar?

  • Hubstaff will record all iPad screenshots connected via sidecar.
  • Keyboard and trackpad/mouse activity will be recorded based on input from the parent Mac device being used.
  • Once sidecar is enabled, the touch feature is disabled on the iPad. Hubstaff will not record touch activity from the iPad.
  • Keyboard entries on the iPad’s user interface are recorded as keyboard activity.
  • Magic keyboard input activity has not been tested and is not officially supported at this time.
Note: the app will not detect the sidecar displays if connected after the Hubstaff application is launched. In these instances, the Hubstaff application will need to be relaunched to be able to record screenshots.
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