How to enable App & URL tracking for OSX

Updates to macOS now require that the user give Hubstaff’s time tracking app permission to record Apps and URLs. OSX asks for permission the first time the timer is started with that feature active, and if the user does not explicitly click confirm they will have to manually enable it in the OSX settings.

Here is an example of what that looks like (the first time the app requests permission):

If the user has a browser with the setting for App or URL tracking disabled/denied, this is what will appear (and they will need to open the system preferences in order to resolve it, see steps below):

Step 1

On your Mac, select System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Step 2

Click the icon labeled Security & Privacy.

Step 3

Click the Privacy tab at the top, then select Automation from the left-hand column. Finally, check the boxes next to Hubstaff to allow our app to capture Apps and URLs.

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