Submit feature requests for Hubstaff time tracking

Have an idea, suggestion, or feature you’d like to see implemented to improve Hubstaff time tracking? You can submit feature requests on our public roadmap page.

Submit an idea

hubstaff roadmap homepage

The Hubstaff public roadmap page.

Who can submit ideas?

Any person with a verified email addresses can submit ideas.

Submitting a feature request

Step 1

On your browser, navigate to

Step 2

Click on Submit idea.

submit idea

Step 3

On the Submit new idea dialog, describe the feature you wish to add in detail.

submit new idea

Step 4

Choose whether this new feature is nice to have, important, or critical to you or your business.

idea feature importance

Step 5

Enter your email address, then click the Submit button to save your request.

email submit

Step 6

After submitting an idea, you will receive an email verification sent to your inbox.
confirm email roadmap

Step 7

Click on the Confirm email button.

verify email

Step 8

You will be redirected to the roadmap page to confirm your idea has been submitted.

roadmap thanks

Submitted ideas are added to our internal repository for review. Please note that we receive a good number of suggestions and not all ideas move up to the development stage. Ideas that qualify are placed on the Under consideration section of the roadmap page.

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