How to save custom filters in reports

Do you have custom reports that you need to access quickly? Use our saved filters option to store a predetermined set of filters that can be applied to your reports.

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How to save a custom filter

Step 1

Navigate to the Reports section from your web dashboard then select the report you wish to review.

The Saved filters feature supports the following reports:

  • General reports (Time & activity, Weekly report, Expenses, etc.)
  • Payment reports
  • Budgets and limits reports
  • Time off reports
  • Schedule reports

Step 2

Click on the Filters button to reveal the filters pane.

Step 3

Specific clients, projects, members, and to-dos can be included in your customized report.

Click in the relevant field, and choose an item from the drop-down list.

You can also type the member, project, client, or to-do name to quickly find it.

Step 4

Once all filters are selected that you wish to apply to the report, press Save Filters to store it for next time.

A pop-up box will appear allowing you to enter a name for the filter, and a description.

Step 5

Your filter will now be saved. It will appear under the Saved Filters tab for easy access, as per below.

How to apply a saved filter to a report

Step 1

    To apply a saved filter to a report first, click on the arrow beside the filters button.

    Click on the relevant filter from the drop-down list to select it. You can also type the name of the filter in the search field to quickly find it.

    How to delete a custom filter

    Step 1

    On the reports page, click Filters


    Step 2

    Next, click on the Saved filters tab.

    saved filters button

    Step 3

    Finally, click the trash icon next to the name of the saved filter you wish to remove.

    delete saved filter

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