How to get a report of hours logged on a To-do

How to get a report of to-do hours

Time tracked against to-dos/tasks are available on the reports page.

Step 1

You can see time tracked against to-dos by going to Reports -> Time & Activities,

Step 2

On the top left corner, you can choose whether to generate a report for yourself or your team by choosing either “Me” or “Team.”

Step 3

After choosing, you can select a custom date, filter by organization, project, members or To-dos by clicking the Filters tab.

You can choose from any of these filters:

  1. Clients
  2. Projects
  3. Members
  4. To-Dos

Then place a check mark on “Sum Date Ranges” to view totals (instead of daily totals). You can also click on “Save Filter” to save this search so that you can run it again.

If you’re looking to integrate your project management account with Hubstaff, click here to view the complete list of supported integrations, including the step-by-step guides for each.
Reports can be exported as a PDF or CSV, allowing you to keep local records of the work hours. You could also send reports through email if you wish.
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