How to change the payment gateway for payroll in Hubstaff

You can use these instructions to switch the payment gateway if a payment attempt has failed and you wish to use a different payment provider. In addition, you can use this method when a team member(s) has only marked as paid time and you want to actually pay them via a gateway.

Step 1

Click Financials on the sidebar menu and then select Past Payments from the drop-down.

financials past payments menu

Step 2

Next, click the Export/Pay button on the payment that you wish to change the gateway for.

Step 3

You should see a window where you will be able to select different payment gateways and select the icon of the payment gateway that you want to use. Then click the Send payment button to send the payment out for processing.

Send pay

The payees need to have payroll enabled accounts for them to get paid.
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