Asana Hubstaff Time Tracking Setup

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If you use Asana for project management, you can certainly use Hubstaff to track time to individual tasks. Below we will show you how to add Asana to your Hubstaff account so your team can track time to Asana tasks directly from the Hubstaff application.

Setting up the integration

Step 1

First, make sure that you have the correct organization selected, then click on the Settings & Policies tab and then Integrations in the left sidebar, on the main page click on the Asana logo.

Step 2

To integrate Hubstaff with your Asana account, you need to grant access through oAuth and then, click Allow.

Setting up Hubstaff for Asana Time Tracking 3

Step 3

Choose your workplace from Asana and click Next.

Asana supports multiple account setups.

Step 4

Connect the projects between Hubstaff and Asana.

Option 1 is to connect all projects (Sync All).

Option 2 is to connect projects from a list (Select from list).

After choosing the projects to connect click Next.

Step 5

Choose and connect the users to the integration.


Once the setup is complete the tasks will show up on the timer

Setting up Hubstaff for Asana Time Tracking 2


Integration time write back

Users will see time entries posted on the site once the integration syncs.


You will see the Asana tasks if you click on the project that you have mapped in the previous step. You are still able to track time directly on Hubstaff projects without selecting Asana tasks, but you are able to directly track them against Asana tasks.

Our Asana integration allows you to have one single task nested in multiple projects at the same time, and have it show up on the assignee’s desktop app.

Currently, when you add a new project in the project management third-party provider, you need to access the integrations page in Hubstaff > refresh the projects list > link the new project > assign team members to the Hubstaff project that’s linked to the newly added project.

Asana subtasks are supported in which subtasks show up as regular tasks in the desktop app and they must still be assigned to the user for them to show up (e.g. it won’t show up on the desktop app if only the parent task is assigned, which matches the Asana web site behavior).

This integration supports logging time back to the integration as comments. To learn more, click here.

Tasks can be completed outside of Hubstaff in the project management tool to have the time synced as well.

Tasks synchronized with integration will remain in Hubstaff as a simple task if the integration is deleted.

This integration writes the data back as comments.

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