Viewing tasks for project management integration tools

If you have integrated Hubstaff with a project management tool, such as Asana, the To-dos page will give you a central place to manage tasks (to-dos) without having to access the Integrations page. It provides a quick and easy overview of tasks (to-dos) assigned to projects as well as the respective users assigned to those tasks (to-dos).


How to Locate the To-dos Page

To navigate to the To-dos page, please click on To-dos from the left sidebar menu.

You may also click this direct link to the To-dos page:

Breakdown of Features Available on the To-dos Page

Include Completed To-dos

To-dos can be marked as complete by your users. The Include Completed to-dos feature allows you to filter completed to-dos as viewable by selecting Yes or No. This will give you an idea of how many tasks a user has completed.

Please note that not all tasks (to-dos) allow for completion. For more information please see our integration task write-back reference guide here.


Choose which to-dos to view by selecting the relevant project name from the drop-down menu.


Choose to view to-dos assigned to specific users only by selecting their name from the drop-down menu.

Tasks (To-dos) Filter

If you have a large number of tasks and wish to locate one quickly, simply type the name of the task in the Task field.

By pressing Enter on your keyboard, Hubstaff will then perform a custom search showing the results in the main window.

Manage / Add Integration

These buttons can be used if you wish to manage an existing integration, or add a new integration. For a full list of available integrations please see our Integrations page here.

Actions > View

If a task/ to-do is connected to an external integration, Hubstaff provides a link to view the task on the integration’s own website. Simply click Actions > View on the relevant task to be redirected.

Are you looking to integrate with a project management tool? You can click here to learn more.

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