Screenshot Blur

Hubstaff allows organization owners to add a blur to screenshots to prevent the collection of private data (click here for Hubstaff’s privacy policy). Once this feature is enabled, the Desktop app will blur the captured screenshots. The blurring is applied on the device where the app is running, so the images that are uploaded to the Hubstaff server already have the blur effect applied. Once blurring is applied, it cannot be reversed.

This feature can be added by navigating to Settings > Features > Activity > Screenshot Blur.

This feature is available on paid plans.

From there, you can toggle the default setting to apply it to your entire organization. You can also enable or disable the blur setting for individual users.

Hubstaff - Blur the screenshots

Here is how the thumbnails will appear on the Activity page if the blur setting is turned on:

Hubstaff - Blurred screenshots on the Screenshots page

Here is how the blurred image will appear:

Hubstaff - Blurred screenshot example

As illustrated in the image above, when the screenshot blur enabled, it is still possible to gauge activity levels.

Hubstaff for Chromebook app also has a limitation: when using the screenshot blur option with this app, screenshots are not blurred, but images with very low quality are used instead. However, due to the nature of this approach, some texts that are written with big enough fonts, as well as some pictures may be easily distinguishable.

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