Import job sites

You can now import job sites at once using CSV, XLS, or XLSX files. This is especially useful for large organizations who require uploading multiple locations easily.

Step 1

First, create a CSV, XLS, or XLS file by following the format based on the template here:

Download the template

Below is the format of the CSV file:

Name Address List of emails (comma separated) Geofence radius (50m minimum)
Job site 1 – CHANGE OR REMOVE 123 W. Main St. Anytown, AB, Country, 12345 – UPDATE ADDRESS,, 50
Job site 2 – CHANGE OR REMOVE 456 E. 2nd Ave. Different Town, AB, Country, 12345 – UPDATE ADDRESS,, 100
Job site 3 – CHANGE OR REMOVE 789 Any Way, AB, Country, 12345 – UPDATE ADDRESS 200
Quick tip: it is best to check if your addresses are registered on Google Maps before adding them to the template to avoid upload errors.

Step 2

Once the file is ready, navigate to Locations > Job sites.

menu locations job sites

Step 3

Next, click on the Import job sites button.

import job sites button

Step 4

A dialog box will appear where you can upload the CSV, XLS, or XLSX file you created. Click on Browse files to upload the document.

import job sites dialog

Step 5

Once you’ve selected the file, click on the Import button.

import job sites import button

Step 6

A popup will appear notifying you that the job sites are being processed.

notice your file is being processed

A confirmation email will be sent once the job sites have processed successfully.

import successful email

A 50 meter radius will be added by default to all imported job sites.

Troubleshooting errors

Error 1: Unable to convert address

“There was an error when processing the item on line X. We were not able to convert the address into a valid coordinate (latitude and longitude) because of the details provided. Please review your file and try again”

error processing item

This means that the address on the attached file is invalid. Please make sure that the address is correct then re-upload the file.

Error 2: Invalid Email Address/es

“There was an error when processing the item on line X. The email “” does not match any existing member of your organization. Please review and try again.”

invalid email import

This means that the email address on the attached file is either incorrect or does not exist in your current member database. Please make sure the email address is valid and the team member’s email exists in the system.

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