How to update member details via CSV importer

Now you can update your team member details using the import CSV option. Making it easier to bulk upload/ edit your member list into your Hubstaff organization.

Step 1

First, navigate to People > Members.

Payroll Overview People Members

Step 2

On the Members page, click on the Batch actions and then Import list to bulk update.

Import list

Step 3

On the new pop-up window, click on the Update all members button.

Update all members

Step 4

On the dialog box, put a checkmark on the fields (columns) that you want to update.

Available columns

  • Member info (+ custom fields)
    • OS
    • Username
    • Employee ID
    • Birthday
    • Work address
    • Home address
    • Personal email
    • Work phone
    • Personal phone
  • Employment info
    • Job title
    • Job type
    • Department
    • Employment type
    • In-office / Remote
    • Employed through
    • Name of EOR
    • Account code
    • Tax info
    • Tax type
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Termination reason
    • Employment comments
  • Teams
  • Project & Roles
    • Organization role
    • Add member to new project as
    • Projects as a User
    • Projects as a Manager
    • Projects as a Viewer
  • Pay/ Bill
    • Require timesheet approval?
    • Pay period
    • Pay type
    • Hourly pay rate
    • Fixed pay amount
    • Hourly bill rate
  • Work hours
    • Use shifts to set work allowance limits?
    • Daily limits (hrs)
    • Weekly limits (hrs)
  • Settings
    • Able to track time?
    • Able to modify time?
    • Allowed apps
    • Idle time out
    • Keep idle time

Update fields

Step 5

In your download folder, there will be 2 files that will be downloaded.

  • ChangeSheet.csv – This is the file that you need to update
  • ReferenceSheet.csv – You can refer to this file for the inputs that should be added per column
After making the changes on the ChangeSheet.csv file, do not forget to Save or Rename it before uploading.

On the import window select Browse files and once uploaded click Import.

Import 1

Import 2

Step 6

Finally, you’ll receive a notification that the file is being processed and you will get an email when ready.


This process usually takes a minute but may increase depending on the number of changes you’re attempting to import.

Below is a sample email upon completion of the import.

Success email

Step 7

Now, you can see the changes on the Members page.

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