Duplicating Projects in Hubstaff Tasks

How to create a copy of a project

The duplicate project feature allows you to create a copy of an existing project. This feature is useful when your organization’s workflow includes repeating projects and tasks/to-dos.

This feature also provides you the ability to choose which items to include on the copy of the project, namely:

  1. Tasks (To-dos)
    (Descriptions, Assignees, Checklists, Due Dates, Labels, Followers, and Completed Tasks)
  2. Project Members
  3. Workflow settings
Only organization owners and managers have access to this feature.

Step 1

Click on the three horizontal lines next to the project you want to copy, and then click the Duplicate Project button:

Step 2

You will be presented with options for the information you would like copied over to the new project. You can name the project, assign it to a folder, and choose if you want to include the Tasks, project members, and workflow settings. When you are ready, click the Create button.

You’ll receive a pop-up notifying you that the project has been duplicated.

Step 3

The project will be duplicated.

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