Audit log report

The audit log report shows a history of key activities that occurred within the organization.

This report is part of the Hubstaff People beta release and may not be available unless the add-on is purchased.

Step 1

To generate the audit log report, first navigate to Reports > All reports.

reports all reports

Step 2

Click on Audit log.

audit log report

Step 3

The report will include the following columns:

audit log report sample

  • Author – the user who made changes.
  • Time – includes the date/time the action was done.
  • Action – shows the type of action performed.
  • Object – shows the object in which the action was performed, for example, changing the team members will fall under the “Team” object category.
  • Member – shows the team members affected by the change.
  • Detail – indicates the exact details of what has changed.


Step 4

You can also filter the report by each column parameter:

audit log report filters

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