Hubstaff Billing: Reserve Bank of India rules for recurring payments

On September 30, 2021, the Reserve Bank of India made changes to rules/e-mandates governing recurring online transactions, including online subscriptions, and bill payments. The RBI implemented these changes to “ensure that changing payment needs of customers were accommodated by adequately balancing safety, security and convenience of such transactions.”

Who does this affect?

This affects Hubstaff customers using credit or debit cards issued by Indian banks to pay for their subscription. Any amount over Rs 5,000 will be manually charged.

How will billing work for affected customers?

Invoices will be sent out to registered organization owners on their bill date. The due date set to settle the bill will be 1 day after the bill date. Accounts will NOT automatically get suspended – our system will attempt to re-bill the card on file in 14 days, only then will the account be suspended and access to Hubstaff (Time tracking and Tasks) will be limited.

If your organization is on per-user pricing, you will receive invoices after adding additional team members. You will need to click on the link in that invoice email and enter in the needed details in order to confirm the payment.

How can I reduce the frequency of these approvals?

If you want to reduce the number of these occurances (and save on your total bill), you can switch your Hubstaff subscription to an annual plan, and only be charged once per year (except for when users are added, in which case a prorated fee will be charged). You can find these plans in your Hubstaff Billing Setting

What do I do if the payment doesn’t go through?

Please contact support by sending an email to and we will assist you.


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