Hubstaff Mobile App Battery Usage

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Hubstaff’s mobile app works on a 500-meter resolution to ensure the app does not significantly drain your phone’s battery. The app drains the battery at ~2%/hr. To learn more about how frequently the app records GPS points, click here.

On Android, we should get an update at least every 5 minutes.

On iOS, we can use deferred updates, which says send us changes in location once the total movement is > 3,000 meters or 5 minutes has elapsed, we cannot control the granularity of the locations in the deferred scenario, only how much total movement to queue up before sending us all the locations it collected.


Tips on Saving Battery Life

Run the app in the background

Here’s how to set Hubstaff to run in the background.

  1. Open your Hubstaff app
  2. Begin tracking your time
  3. Go back to the home screen
  4. Your Hubstaff app is now running in the background

To help ensure seamless tracking, make sure your app is set to track location passively. Tip: Do not manually close the app by swiping up.

Check your battery health

A phone’s battery life reduces with time and use.

If you’re suffering from a noticeably short battery cycle, ask their phone provider to check the battery health and replace it if necessary.

You can check your battery health and performance in iOS in the Settings > Battery menu and in Android, via Settings > About Phone > Battery Information.

Check other apps

Many other apps run in the background of your phone. Together, all the apps on your device download information, track location and drain battery life without you realizing it. You can check and amend which apps run in the background in your user settings.

Limit the apps you have installed

If you’re using a work phone, you might want to restrict the number of non-work-related apps you have downloaded.

Social media and news-based apps drain a significant amount of battery life, especially when push notifications are enabled.

Reduce screen drain

Mobile phone screens use a high volume of power when switched on. Here are a few ways to help this:

  • Turn down the screen brightness
  • Turn off alerts and push notifications that cause the screen to light up
  • Turn on auto-lock to power off the screen after one minute of inactivity

Enable battery saving mode

Most phones come with a battery saving mode that is manually or automatically switched on to conserve battery life. This is achieved by shutting down unused background apps, turning off notifications, and reducing screen brightness.

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