What data can the various user roles see in Hubstaff?

Data that User Roles Can See


What data can the various user roles see?


Owners – Owners can see all data across the entire organization.

Managers –  Managers on the organization level, by default, can see all data across the organization.  On a project level, you can set Users to have management access/permissions to that specific project, allowing them to see all data for that project only. Outside of that project they will not be able to see any data at a Manager level. Additionally, once a Manager is removed from a project, they will no longer have access to see any data in that project.

Users –  Can see ONLY their own Data on the Dashboard, Activities, and Reports Pages.  Users cannot see the data for other members.  This means that on the dashboard and reporting pages for example the users will only see their own time, and the projects that they have been assigned to while managers and owners will see a consolidated time of all users assigned to the project.  It also means that users will not be allowed to see the activity of other users on the reporting or activities pages. Users are able to view their own work schedule, but not work schedules for other users.

Viewer – The viewer role is perfect if you have clients or managers that just need to view the work of others but don’t need to track any time themselves. Like project managers, a user can be a Viewer on a project if you want them to be able to see all time data and users on the project. If you want to limit the projects and users that a Viewer has access to, you would set them as a User on the organization and then add them as a Viewer on each project you want them to be able to view.

Projects that have a “Viewer” role won’t show up on the project member’s desktop app.

Read more about Hubstaff role permissions.

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