How to track time against tasks ONLY and disable project tracking

Disable Project Tracking

If your team is using a project management integration to create and manage your tasks, it is possible to disable project tracking to make sure that all time is tracked to a specific task.

This setting will add a restriction to the desktop client, forcing users to select a task before they can begin tracking time. Once this setting is enabled, your team will not be able to track their time against a parent project, they will always have to select a task.

When project tracking is disabled, users will not be able to edit time manually for those projects.

To disable project tracking please change your organization’s settings by following the steps below:

Step 1

Navigate to Settings & Policies > Integrations on the left sidebar.

menu settings & policies integrations

Step 2

Click on the integration name, then navigate to the Settings page.

Step 3

Disable the Allow project tracking setting.

Users may need to refresh the desktop client for these changes to take effect.

Once the setting is enabled, the desktop timer will no longer show the Start button when a project is highlighted. The user will be required to select a task before tracking can begin.

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