Signing up for the Solo Lite (free) plan

Our Solo Lite plan is completely free, and allows for unlimited projects and time tracking for a single user, as well as limited Data Retention.

Step 1

To choose our Free Lite plan, click on Organizations on the left sidebar, then click Choose plan next to your organization.

organizations-choose plan

Are you already paying for a subscription?

If you are on a plan currently and you want to change it, you can that too. Just click on Organizations on the left sidebar, click on the Actions dropdown next to your organization. Then click on Manage billing.


You’ll be taken to your Billing page, where you can change plans, view or change your credit card and have quick access to your billing history.

billing tab-change plan


You can also access the billing page by clicking on your avatar photo on the bottom-left corner, then on Plans & Billing.


Step 2

Next, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, past the tables that describe the basic and premium plans. There will be a link labeled “Choose the free plan.” Clicking that link will put your organization on the Solo Lite (free) plan.


Note: You can only have one organization on the free plan at a time, so if you already have an organization on the free plan, the link will be unavailable.
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