Quickbooks (Desktop)

Quickbooks (Desktop)

Hubstaff integrates with Quickbooks Desktop which makes importing your employee’s activities into Quickbooks a breeze.

By integrating a product like Hubstaff into Quickbooks, employers will be able to import timesheets and distribute paychecks faster.

Some benefits of this include:

  • The ability to import time tracked in Hubstaff to send invoices to clients
  • Being able to easily import Hubstaff tracked time in order to pay contractors and employees

If you use Quickbooks Desktop in your business, you will definitely appreciate this integration.
To connect your Quickbooks Desktop account to Hubstaff, follow these steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Fill in the Company Name, Company Created Time (Steps below), and the Quickbooks Desktop version then hit Save.

Finding the Company Create Time in Quickbooks

How to find the “Company Create Time” in Quickbooks:

  1. Open Quickbooks.
  2. Click on File.
  3. Go to Utilities.
  4. Go to Export.
  5. Click on Timer List.
  6. Save the file to a location.
  7. Open the file in Excel.

The COMPANYCREATETIME column can be found as the last entry on the headers on the first row.


Step 3

Once you’ve finished setting up your Quickbooks Desktop integration, you’ll have the option to export reports to Quickbooks as an .IIF (Quickbooks) file.

For example, you can access your Time and Activities report here, or by navigating to Reports -> Time and Activities and after generating data, click on the “Export” button then select “to Quickbooks.” This will export a file which you can open via Quickbooks Desktop.


This feature is available on all paid plans.
Hubstaff integrates with Quickbooks versions between 2006 and 2018.
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